About the Mindful Living with Dr. Sogol Podcast

Dr. Sogol Pahlavan is a board-certified pediatrician and the founder and managing partner of ABC Pediatric Clinic. 

After struggling with burnout, Dr. Sogol embarked on a journey of mindful living and became certified as a mindfulness coach. 

She utilizes mindfulness tools along with meditation, yoga, and breathwork to connect to the present moment to find self-fulfillment and JOY. 

She teaches physicians to take back full responsibility for their life by reclaiming their power and committing to reconnecting to their most authentic selves.

Her mission: heal the healers.


Thank you Dr. Sogol!

A podcast not to miss! As a middle-age physician who doesn’t take enough time to pause, this is exactly what I need. I’m so grateful for your wisdom!

So relevant

Appreciate the honesty. Sogol's story resonates with me on many levels. A daily dose of awareness with acceptance sounds really good. Can't wait for more episodes!


WOW... that is all I can say. This first episode was so good that I listened to it twice!! The authenticity and honesty are unmatched. Listening to this podcast will definitely be a part of my weekly routine!


The transparency, vulnerability and authenticity of Dr.Sogol echoed through her story and got me hooked and on board. I can’t wait to hear from her again soon in the next episode