I help exhausted, midlife female physicians find calm, ease, and joy through mindful living.


I am a board-certified pediatrician and a physician mindfulness coach.

I am a mother, a wife, a daughter of immigrant parents, and a managing partner of a pediatric clinic.

At age 40, I successfully completed my life's vision board. I had reached financial, professional, and personal "success."

I had fulfilled the AMERICAN DREAM.


But life was far from dreamy.

 I was functioning in a state of chronic fatigue, and no amount of sleep could cure it.


I could not focus or complete a single task.


I felt irritable, and my anger was constantly projected onto my family and staff.



I am calm.

I am at ease.

I am joyful.


I am still living in the same house, married to the same husband, caring for the same kids, holding the same career with the same challenges.


So what changed?



My relationship and connection to myself has changed.

I stopped criticizing and judging myself. Believing in the noise and mental chatter that was not serving me. Hiding and running away from my feelings. Living with guilt, shame, and self-blame. Being resentful by setting boundaries.


As a certified physician life coach, I have helped many burned-out female physicians find calm, ease, and joy.

Are you ready to come alive?



Now let's talk about YOU. The NEW you, the mindful you.


You will have so much energy and wake up ready to go. You will be laser-focused and more productive—willing and able to spend more time with your family. You will find work fulfilling and start to do things for yourself that will make you smile, laugh, and play.

"I had no idea how much I needed a coach. Dr. Sogol is consistent, and her transparency is healing. Her non-judgmental nature is a blessing. I now recognize my negative thought patterns and am able to accept any outcome with grace. I connected with my authentic self and don't worry about other people's opinions. Most importantly, I've learned to LOVE mySELF."

— Dr. Lonetta Postell

"After working with Dr. Sogol, I learned self-awareness. I learned to say NO. I am now more intentional with my decisions. I stopped ruminating. I am able to pause, reflect, and correct. I have fewer explosive moments. My thoughts are less cluttered, I sleep better, and I am more present with my family. I LOVE JOURNALING."

— Dr. Jane Done

"I loved working with Dr. Sogol! It was truly a life-changing experience. I won't say I am a new person, but I am a much better version of myself. This improved my well-being and my relationship with others. It has impacted my day-to-day life in such a positive manner. One of the things I am thankful for in the pandemic is meeting and working with Dr. Sogol. I only wish everyone could have this experience."

— Dr. Shalinni Boggarappu


... to say YES to yourself?

... to be happy and laugh again?

... to relax and make decisions from a place of ease and calm?

... to let go of the mental noise and negative talk?

... to feel fulfilled and love your job again?

... to enjoy spending time with your family?

... to finally HEAL?


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YourSELF will thank you for it.

I help heal the healers.

At the age of 40 I checked off all the boxes on my “to do list.”

I reached financial, professional, and personal “freedom.”

Yet I carried a chronic, overwhelming feeling of fatigue, stress, and anxiety. I questioned and pursued every medical diagnosis with no answers.

My disease: Giving & Doing.

I gave to others and did for others at the expense of myself. 

Emotionally exhausted and disconnected, I set on a self-discovery journey to find MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL FREEDOM.

Through mindful practices and coaching, I learned to  take back full responsibility of my life by reclaiming my power and committing to myself.

Sign up for a FREE 45-minute restorative session with me.